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My son was born in 2016 and it totally changed my life as it does for every mother.

I though there should be 2 more hands born together at the same time when baby is born then finally mother can handle everything with 4 hands. I had to carry lots of baby stuff with my 2 hands, diaper, bottles, tissues, containers with baby food, baby snack, blankets, extra clothes, handkerchief, socks, hat, plus and plus…, I remember I lost lots of his stuff, one left socks (what can I do with only right one?), several water bottles, container boxes, right side of his shoes, of course lots of small toys, etc.

My son had grown and it was time for him to join kindergarten. Teachers in his kindergarten ask me to write his name on all of his stuff. As everybody does I wrote it with permanent pen and stick clear plastic tape on it. Rather mentioning it doesn’t look perfect-finish, but it didn’t last long, even it leaves sticky glues after it came off.

I already knew that waterproof kids naming label is so common and practical method in America and in Asia worldwidely. I would say it is MUST-HAVE Item that almost every mom prepare to take there kids to kindergarten. I searched local website in Europe to find same name labels but what I found is it is too expensive and thick to use for universal purpose.

It was the point that I thought, ‘OK, I will make it. Why not ?’ So I searched market in America and Asia to get guaranteed material and to get idea how to make my own design for kids friendly looking.

So I am here now.

I hope everybody can enjoy naming with us.

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